Language of Love (1969) Full Movie

Language of Love
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Watch Language of Love (1969) : Full Movie Online Free A modern advanced film about sexual education and behaviour based on the clinical research made by famous American and Swedish doctors. The film centres around a panel; Inge and Sten Hegeler, Maj-Brith Bergstroem-Walan and Sture Cullhed, all well known, reputable experts, who have devoted their scientific studies to the various fields of sexual life. The film deals with all kinds of problems connected with the sexual relationship of people. The panel also discusses the role of sex in society, the question of prejudices and taboos, sex in clothes, sex in art, etc. etc. Note that this is the film Travis Bickle takes Betsy to in Taxi Driver.

Title Language of Love
Release Date Oct 02, 1969
Genres Documentary,
Production Company Swedish Film Production (SFP)
Production Countries Sweden
Casts Inge Hegeler, Sten Hegeler, Maj-Brith Bergström-Walan, Sture Cullhed
Plot Keywords sex education, health education,
Inge Hegeler
Sten Hegeler
Maj-Brith Bergström-Walan
Sture Cullhed
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