Tangled (2017) Full Movie

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Watch Tangled (2017) : Full Movie Online Free The film deals with falling in love, being in love, trying to remain in love, falling out of love and the aftermath. The relationship pattern that somehow often repeats itself. The beautiful hypnotic aspects, mesmerizing rhythm, fractures in characters, tighter closeness, but with it also growing tension and the hardness of letting go. In a sense it’s a meditation on personality of a love, where the personal decisions that may seem to exist at the start (archive photo, hand sewing, endoscopic closeness of the lense) are rather directed by society’s constraints, learnt family’s behavior patterns, traditional stereotypes and norms (mechanical sound, industrial rhythm, abstract visuals). In this story one could recognize her/his’s possible desires to follow the classic story of romantic love, but also feel it’s rather frequent war-like destructiveness. It is still attractive in love to believe in Moirai thread 1 driven destinies.

Title Tangled
Release Date Jan 01, 2017
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